Knitted a fingerprint off

I’m really very sorry if this is the wrong section for this, but I couldn’t find anywhere else suitable… but, I must return to my poor, missing fingerprint. Is this normal? Does this happen to other people or am I just doing something horribly wrong? It’s my middle finger on my left hand and I’m a continental knitter. Really, it’s only the tip, but it’s kind of worrying. I’ve worn it completely smooth. Only the faintest traces of my ridges remain. If this is bad, can anybody suggest something so I can help it come back or keep it from rubbing off anymore? Thank you for your time.


Ummm, I don’t know if [I]you[/I] are fooling around or not, but a few years ago I went to get finger printed for a nursing job, and all I had were smudges instead of finger prints. The cop asked if I crocheted. At the time it was my main craft to the point that my son laughed and pointed to his own sweater. The cop said that crocheters and knitters are well known for not having complete prints.

Thank you very much. I was really worried about it… My fingerprints are screwed up enough as it is (I also embroider and make ragdolls) and the last thing I wanted to do was to loose another bit of print through some carelessness. But, if it’s normal, then there’s nothing I can do but return to my knitting. I really feel much better. Thank you.


I never knew that knitting “erased” your fingerprints. A couple of years ago I needed to be fingerprinted for my position as a sugstitute judge. Two deputy sheriffs and two state policemen tried, with no success. They kept asking me if I worked with bricks, as that does the same thing. Don’t worry about it.

Same thing with musicians (ESP string players) and video gamers. Get them nice and calloused up, and wear them with pride!

(I have the same thing on my right hand pointer finger, the tip is smooth with no ridges)

I would love to know how many people examined their fingerprints after reading this post! I know I did… all there.:stuck_out_tongue:

I did the quick finger check, and I’m betting we’re not alone!

mine are all cracked and calloused from working outdoors in the muck - I hate it when yarn snags on the cracks. I think they grow back if you give up the activity in question and as your skin renews itself.

Yep, I looked at mine. There do seem to be some smooth spots but I am in pretty bad lighting. Very interesting, I had no idea this could happen!:slight_smile:

So funny! I just checked mine and they are still intact.

so funny! I never knew that!!

i checked mine… it’s primarily my index and middle fingers…

oh well… my fingerprints are on file… my mother had them done when i was younger… part of some program run by the state of maine.

Mine are still there!! Now I’ll be looking for them to disappear as a badge of honor :wink:

i have 2 and a half finger prints missing just checked:thumbsup: 2 middle fingers missing and one half thumb

lol stacy! i would have freaked too!

When I was finger printed for a bank job, between needle crafts and burning my fingers cooking they had a horrible time getting the electronic machine to read the prints

I just started knitting last Oct so all my prints are intact, I think :oo: Hard to say since it seems my fingerprints are hard to get. I remember the last time I was printed they had to try a few times before they got a useable print.

Woo hoo! A few more years knitting then it’s a life of crime for me! :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha

Seriously though, very interesting…I haven’t noticed that with myself, but, I’ll definitely be checking from here on out!

I think it’s all a matter of skin. I’ve only been knitting since the middle of December and the one is already partially gone. My skin is really fragile, though. My prints were already ruined from my sewing needles. Big horizontal lines all the way across each finger except my pinkies. Curse them, not being used often. They’ll get me when I rob that bank. Also, my yarn leaves a semi-permanent wrap mark around my pointer finger. That didn’t worry me as much as the shiny fingertip. Once again, thank you all for your help and for making me feel welcome. This is the nicest forum yet. =^_^=


I had mine done years ago when I was hired by a large bank. Now, with 8.5 of mine gone… how will they be able to compare? I wonder if crimanals know this? lol I can see it now… would be criminals signing up for lessons…lol