Knitscene Fall 2006 - Central Park Hoodie

Hello! I’m looking to purchase a copy of this mag from someone…Or at least a copy of the pattern “Central Park”, which is a hoodie. Desperate here. Lol. . .It looks like this issue, in general, is tough to find and is also sold out. So, yeah, I’m completely willing to purchase a copy of this particular pattern if possible.

Someone? Anyone? Crossed Fingers

Never mind. I’m an idiot. I found it on their website. Duh.

Check on They have it available for sale and it’s been revised to include larger sizes too.

Thanks, I ended up finding it for sale on their website…eventually. Lol…

Sorry I didn’t have a direct link for you. It was early and I’m really tired.

Lol…no problem! I actually had mentioned in my first mention that I found it. . .I found it within 5 minutes after I posted this. I’m a dork. :slight_smile:

If you go to the “Patterns” section you’ll see I posted a link to buying just the CPH pattern.