Knits for Infants in Bronx, NY


Hi Folks,

I collect baby items for the newborn nursery/NICU (for babies 3 lbs and up) and babies up to a year old at the North Central Bronx Hospital in the Bronx, NY. We accept items made of soft, washable yarn, and mostly need hats, booties, sweaters and blankets, but other items are also welcome. If you would like to knit or crochet for us and need some yarn, I can send you some. Gently used, unstained baby clothes are also gratefully accepted. We also accept yarn donations, to pass on to knitters who need it. Please PM me if you are interested in helping us (the need is ongoing) and need the address. Thanks so much in advance!

Knits for Infants


My mom and I are willing to do for you and we need the yarns. PM me so I can send you my address.


Hi Marcy,

I too am interested in knitting for the babies. Please PM me to receive the yarn. Thank you.


This sounds like a wonderful charity. The post is over 2 years old however and the original poster hasn’t been active since 2012. You might try directly contacting the hospital to see what their needs are. Lion Brand has a link to the hospital on their website with more information and an email address. (about halfway down the page or search on “Bronx”.