Knits For Bits!

Hey you all!! I know that you all know some precious little “bits”, and nothing is worse than a sick baby!! My sister will be 6 in September and has had 3 open heart surgeries, and spent her fair share of time in hospitals, and I have seen a need for hand made love to give to these babies.
Here’s what I would like to propose! I would like to start knitting hats, leg warmers, blankets, scarfs, or just whatever and donating them to children’s hospitals like my local Blair E. Batson and the amazing CHOP in Pennsylvania where my sister has been.
There are a lot of babies that do not have anyone there to love them or give to them and I would like to share with them some much needed love!!
If anyone is interested, please let me know and we will start a knit along or a group or something for these kids.
And if there is a hospital in your area that would benefit from these, we could start chain groups to benefit local hospitals!!
I just want to help these kids and their families out.
Give me some feed back guys!:knitting:

Great idea! I knit hats and mittens for my local elementary school. Kids are coming into the office every day looking for warm winter gear when the temps get low. It’s especially appreciated after January. Stores switch to summer wear and you can’t buy hats and mittens. They’re out of season. That’s one reason why I knit and crochet. You can have hats and mittens any time you need them.