Is anyone else not able to get onto knitpicks today? :?? I’ve tried a few times and keep getting an error message. :frowning:

I get the error message, too.

Me too. I did get a email confirmation of my order I placed Friday. But i can’t gt onto the website.

Today’s their first day back from being closed over holiday, I think. Maybe they’re doing maintenance?

They may just have run into a bug loading an update to their site software or something. From what I can see one of their modules is bottoming out. It’ll probably be worked out in a day or so - it’s a simple fix.

Hmmm…I got a $30.00 gift certificate for that site–hope they “de-bug” soon!! :wink:

The time it takes to fix this isn’t long, presuming there’s no daisy-chain of crashes due to a badly written update, and that they actually check the site after uploading it. A corrupt DLL file is quicker to fix than corrupted db tables.

:happydance: Knitpicks is back up! :cheering:

Yep, and it looks like that was a planned outage after all!