I think we all need to send little notes to Knit Picks and tell them they need to start accepting paypal.

Why? :shrug:

Oui, pourquoi :shrug:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I have always wished they would accept PayPal, too, it’s so easy, we LOVE the ease of use of PayPal!

I’ve had a PayPal account for quite a long time and I think I’ve used it once in all that time.

I have a prepaid Visa card that I use for online shopping. It’s very safe since the only amount that can be charged to it is whatever money you’ve preloaded. If someone did manage to get the number somehow it would be useless to them if there’s no money on it. It just gets declined and I get an email.

I only load what I need to make a purchase.

That’s such a great idea. I never thought of that. I’ll have to look into getting one of those. :figureditout:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I dont know about paypal~!! I tried SEVERAL times to sign up so I could buy some yarn on the buy/sell/swap thread here~!! I finally just had to throw in the towel… IMHO it was too COMPLICATED trying to register, and rergister, confirming and reconfirming my password… I just got so sick of it I just quit~ :grrr:

I almost bought Amy’s CD until I discovered she takes paypal … I ended up cancelling my order… I COULD write a check but I live down south… I don’t know HOW long it would take my check to get to her~!! :wall:

did you know that you can get a paypal visa debit card? It isn’t a credit card, but allows you to make purchases with it and take money out from an atm from your paypal account. Next best thing to having knitpicks accept paypal.

I don’t recall it being a huge PITA, but considering that my credit card is linked to it, I don’t want it to be easy to register–makes it a wee bit harder to steal my info. And I don’t even link it to my bank account like some people!

I like Paypal- so easy to use once registered. But, for most things I use a low ceiling credit card. That way, if it does get hijacked, they can’t do much harm. It totally confuses the CC company why I keep refusing their generous offers to raise the limit… ha ha

CarmenIlbanez- I think I’ll email KnitPicks today and ask them. why shouldn’t they accept it- money is money- right?

Oh, it would be dangerous it KnitPicks took PayPal!!! My PayPal is my play money, imagine if I could buy yarn with it! I’d have to sell a kid just to make room in my house :slight_smile:

I just recently sold a bunch of stuff on ebay and had a big paypal balance. It was just too long and drawn out to transfer the money out and wait for it and all, I just wanted to shop with it. The atm/debit card sounds good though.

ON NO~~ don’t sell your children for yarn… :thud:

YOU CAN"T dO ThAT… right? :??

:teehee: :teehee: :teehee:

We have a debit card for our paypal account as well and I highly recommend it. Makes it super easy for budgeting purposes too.

I read a short story where a kid listed her kids on eBay. :rofl:

I think that it’s such a pain to use paypal that I always pay with CC even when a seller takes paypal. (so long as they take CC through pay pal.) if they don’t, I don’t buy.


Really? I don’t find it hard to pay with paypal at all. I mean if you already have an account set up and funds in it. It’s literally two clicks. :shrug:

I can understand what YOU are saying Carmen… but from personal experience ( on several different occasions of trying to set up the account) it was just

:hair: :hair: x-(

I would just rather use a debit/ credit card and purchase it that way~! :pout:

It is definitely a pain to set it up and it takes awhile. It also takes a long time to get your money out. Especially since we have a separate bank account that we use just for paypal so it isn’t connected to the rest of our money. So getting it takes the three or so days for the transfer to the bank, then we have to go withdraw it and deposit it into our account.

Why would Knit Picks want to accept paypal when they already have their own merchant account to accept credit cards? Paypal is not a bank so they don’t have the same requirements about what they can do with your money. It would also take them longer to get the money when you buy something. Paypal also has pretty high fees for accepting credit cards.

I agree that it is such a pain to set up. Also, just because you have money in a paypal account that does not mean that you will be able to spend it. You have to be verified too. If your phone is not the area code that they expect then you might not be able to get verified and if you call their “customer service” about it they won’t have anymore information than is on the website.

I don’t mean to sound ranty. I just had a bad experience with paypal.