KnitPicks Yarn Sale

Hey Everybody!
KnitPicks is having another summer yarn sale…we have MainLine, Shine Sport and Worsted, Crayon and Spinnaker, all on sale!!! Sale ends the 15th.

I’M SO BUMMED!!! :verysad: This sale is announced after I decide to not order online yarns til after Christmas…I gotta think about this one!


Must. Be. Strong.


Knitpicks needs to put up a disclaimer about how addictive they are. :teehee: Must resist putting in an order when I call about the broken Options cable. :shifty: Muuuuuuust resiiiiiiiiiist.

Well, I’ve been thinking I need to try Shine Sport. I just have no idea what I’m make with it. :shrug:

I just checked my cart and saw that my total is $4 cheaper than last night :smiley: I’m ordering 4 more skeins of SS next Thursday! :happydance:

I’ve been wanting to try the Shine Sport. I want to make a tank/shell and a pair of socks for next summer.

I think that I have to break my yarn vows for this. I think I may just have to order all of it.

What do you think of the Main Line yarn? I love the colors of that one.

I blame you for waking up this morning, remembering the order, and beating myself up. I wasn’t supposed to buy anymore yarn til October!

Jane, the mainline is YUMMY! I’m honestly thinking about getting some, too. Even though, #1, I said that I wouldn’t order any yarn and b, I seriously don’t need it!

Neat! I really liked the Shine Worsted. Might as well throw some in when I order those 15 and 17 needles. :smiley: Too bad the Suri Dream isn’t on sale. I liked it so much I’m going to make a sweater out of it. Not that it’s real expensive anyways.

Natch, I caved :whistle: What can I say :shrug: I’m a sucka for yarn and I’m a sucka for a sale, and with the combo, well, I had to do it :cheering:
So, I got MainLine in the Red Velvet colorway for my Krista Tee and what with the dwindling of my sock yarn, I had to get some gloss, too! I also want to knit a mobius, and, I needed to hit the $40 mark for free shipping, so I got the 47" cable set for my Options :cheering: :cheering:

Was the Main Line $1.79 at the last big sale? I guess they don’t want to go that low anymore.

The last sale the MainLine was $1.97…I got a good bit then, too :teehee:

I caved as well.

I just placed an order for approx $72 worth of yarn. :oops:

So much for holding off on yarn buying!

LOL, you caved BIG, Jamie :roflhard: :rofl: LOL, I had to buy a bit extra because I had to get free shipping, right?! So, what did you order?! Can’t leave us hanging.

OMG, you think that was a BIG cave? Oh… boy! :oops:

I got some Shine Sport in Butter (mmmm… butter)
Main Line in Dusty Lavender
and Essential in Dusk, Grass, and Pumpkin

I’m hoping to use the shine sport for a short sleeve sweater, not sure on the main line but loved the color, and socks (when I start to knit socks!) on the essential.

Is the Main Line pretty similar to Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, just a tad heavier?

I’m most curious about Crayon and Spinnaker, especially the Spinnaker, I think it would make some fun bulky baby stuff. Who has tried these?

must not go to Knitpicks…must not go to Knitpicks…i am so broke…estimated income taxes and property taxes BOTH due this month…must not go to Knitpicks…must not go to Knitpicks…want to try Options so badly…must not go to Knitpicks…must not go…

I liked Crayon okay, I’ve heard of a few people that didn’t like it because it’s lumpy. As for the MainLine, I think you are correct in your assessment. I’ve not used the Spinnaker.

LOL, Jane, I was just joking, by no means was your order a “big cave”…LOL

Does KnitPicks have a ‘schedule’ for their yarn sale or does it just comes and goes?