KnitPicks Wood Question

I’ve been knitting since June and have (so far) only knit with wood/bamboo needles. I recently ordered a pair of Addi Turbos, though, for a new project, so I’m planning on trying those out. I have heard, though, that the Addis are rather blunt, and so far I feel like I like sharper tips. But I’m really considering getting a set of the KnitPicks Options. It seems like it would be really handy, take up less space, and be cheaper than buying a new circ for almost every project.

ANYWAY, Addis vs. KPs isn’t my question. Here’s my question.

I know everyone has different preferences re: wood vs. metal, but what I was wondering is how slick are the KP wood needles compared to other wood/bamboo needles? For example, my Crystal Palace bamboo straights are fairly slick (as bamboo goes, I suppose), but another set I have (sorry, I don’t know who they’re by–they’re not marked with a maker), are not at all and are kinda rough and frustrating. Because if they’re slicker, I’ll go for those. If they’re rough/too grippy, I might have to go for the metal.

So how slick are the KP wood needles compared to other brands of wood/bamboo? Should I go for those if that’s what I’m used to or make the big-boy jump to metal, or should I maybe save up for both for different projects? (tee hee… evil grin) Sorry, I know there are SO many threads out there about the KP wood vs. metal vs. Addis etc., but I didn’t find one that answered this question. Thanks!

ArtLady did a great comparison between metal options and the harmonys with photos and all. I would recommend reading that thread, I think it will answer all your questions.

I am supposed to have both sets on Tues IF the tracking is right and I will post about them here. Artlady did a great comparison of the nickel/wood in a post a while back. My dh finally just ordered both for me cause I couldn’t make up my mind. Nice guy! I really think having both is good; more needles and you just might want wood for one nickel for the other.

I think the Harmony needles are slicker than my Crystal Palace ones.

Oh! Thank you so much! I swear I searched for it before I asked, but I must have missed that thread. Thanks again–it was very helpful! I think I’m definitely going to invest in the Harmonys… maybe I’ll get the nickel Options for an… umm… Easter present? :smiley: My birthday is in September–way too far away! =) Thanks again!

Get one set (or the other) and then order a few tips from the set you did not get. Then, each time you order from Knit Picks you can just order 1 or 2 tip sizes. The same cables fit both the Harmony and the Options.

Thanks! That’s a great idea. I really don’t need 2 sets of cables and such, do I? =) I caved and ordered the wood. Now I’ll see how I like those Addis and maybe start ordering the metal tips a little at a time! It’ll be a nice little present for me each month–a needle tip of the month club! =)