KnitPicks vs. Knitter's Pride needles

So, after learning in a different thread that KnitPicks has changed manufacturers after I bought the NP interchangeable set, I called them and they agreed to take back the set. :cheering: They do have really good customer service.
So now I want to get the Knitter’s Pride nova nickel plated set from the Knitting Help store. I just want to see if anyone else has bought that set recently, and if the tips are still as pointy as KnitPicks NP used to be. I have some older tips and they are nice, sharp “poke holes in your fingers” points, and that’s what I want. I know some of you out there have gotten the Dreamz sets. Are they sharp?

Thanks for all your help and input, knitters.

My Knitter’s Pride NP set has good tips. Not poke-a-hole-in-my-finger pointy with the ones I’m using now (sz. 8 and 5) for knitting in the round, the 4 & 5 ones are definitely ouch! sharp. They seem to be the same as the sampler set ones I got and I think that was at least a year ago. The sz. 0 circ is [I]very[/I] sharp. Even with the 8 I don’t want to push on the end of it much. I had an issue with a Cubics I got from WEBS and they replaced it. I’d say if you need to talk to the customer service people, call them rather than email.

I bought the dreamz set and they are very pointy but do not hurt your fingers. I like them a lot.

Hi Lizars,

I was taking photos of all our Knitters Pride kits today and I just snapped this one for you (click to see the full size image). It shows the tips on the US size 4 and the US size 8 needles.

I would say that the Novas are about a 7 or 8 on the pointy scale. They are not “finger-hurtin” pointy, but they are definitely not blunt either. They are slightly more sharp than the Dreamz and a lot more pointy than Addi Turbos. They look more pointy in person than in the photo. These needles are hard to photograph accurately on account of being very shiny. I think the close up view also kind of diminishes the points. I put a centimeter ruler near them for perspective. They taper down to a <1mm which is pretty small.

I hope this helps and thanks for considering purchasing from our shop. :wink:


Sheldon, you are the greatest!! Thank you for doing that. They look plenty sharp. I will get my order placed so hopefully they will make it here before the weekend.

For the sake of comparison, here is the size US 8 and US 5 from the Denise Interchangeable Kit. These needles are probably a 5 in terms of sharpness. Kind of a middle ground. You can easily tell that they are quite a bit blunter than the Novas.

Thank you! I have them in stock, so they will ship out tomorrow. You should get them in 2 - 3 days.

My order has been placed. Thank you!!

I already got my needles! Thanks for getting them out so quick! The points look great. I’m so excited!

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We’re going to have to stage an intervention for your needle addiction. :mrgreen:

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What about my YARN addiction? Lol

said the supplier. :mrgreen:

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I think the Nova are the bottom pair. I compared them with my old school sharp knitpicks (which I find TOO sharp!) The difference IMO is slight, the Nova hurt less but still are sharp enough to skewer a burglar with. Lol

I agree. The Dreamz tips are sharp, but not TOO sharp.

I cast on and did a few rows in stockinette with the dreamz. Nice.