KnitPicks shipping to Canada

I’ve been lusting over all the yarn on KnitPicks. :inlove: :inlove:
I live in Canada, and am just about ready to place an order and get some stuff for me, and some stuff to make Christmas gifts with. I was reading their shipping information, and it makes no sense to me:

Can somebody please explain to me how they can offer me duty-free shopping, yet charge me 10% duty? :?? I don’t understand that! And when they say 10% of the total value does that mean that if I find $100 worth of stuff I want, they are going to charge me $10 in duty-free duty, making my order actually $110? Their explanation is either not clear, or I’m not very bright. I’ve never ordered anything from the States before.

Thanks in advance for anybody who can help me!

To be honest, the shipping to canada is brutal. I ordered 8 balls of sock yarn a few months ago and in total was charged almost $55.00 usd on my credit card, there is an additional 10 or 15 dollars just to ship. Iam finding more things within Canada to order, I love the prices are good and shipping is less expensive. I do like having more choices with colour on knitpicks, but it blows my budget. Where are you located? I might have some other links to yarn prices.

Hmm… They list the shipping to Canada at $8.29. And then have that comment about the duty too. I still think it might be cheaper to go with KnitPicks too, because I also want to get a bunch of WOTA for a few pair of clogs and a couple of Booga Bags, and I can’t get any wool that cheap here. Also, I want to make the “Fuzzy Reception” sweater, and I fell in love with the Memories merino sock yarn in colorway Smores.

With all of that in my order, the savings of using KnitPicks might balance out the order. I looked at Elann’s already, but they just don’t have what I want.

I’m in New Brunswick.


Iam sure with a larger order it would work well. With exchange at an all time low it might pay off, I agree on the wota, the only place I found wool for mine was a local place and and it was 3.60/ball not too bad. I love the sock yarn, but I could never knit what I have so Iam going to refrain from myself.

babydill, check out also Ramwools and Yarnforward I don’t know if their prices are good but they are both in Canada. I was planning to try knitpicks, because I love the yarn too… but now I’m not sure anymore :frowning:

Tell us how it turned out!

The duty/taxes into Canada can be very high! I know from expereince :slight_smile:

since I have been looking into this for my business, I think what Knitpicks is referring to is using a “customs broker”. The way I understand it, the brokers are experts at getting stuff cleared and Knitpicks would pay them a fee to take care of everything…thus the 10% surcharge. I’m not 100% sure, but I think that prevents you from paying any other charges once it gets there. I’m sure Knitpicks would be happy to confirm if that is true if you send them an email.

Taxes/duty also depends on what the country of origin for the items is. For example on Knitpicks stuff if would not be USA (which might be covered under NAFTA) but would be Peru since that is where their yarn is manufactured. It can be VERY confusing and sometimes you think you know what the tax/duty will be then it changes once it actually arrives.

If your looking for sock yarn, this place offers free shipping after $50.00

At least they ship to Canada…

They won’t ship to Australia… :frowning:

Elannis in Canada and the US.
They have Peruvian Collection Highland Wool which felts well and comes in tons of colors. It’s $2.25 vs WOTA’s 1.79.

I actually made a VERY big order, and with taxes spent $153.50 USD. It looks like I got charged 10% taxes in that odd duty charge. I thought it would be 7% GST (oops! 6% now! :happydance: ) and then 10% on top of that. I’ll double check when I actually get the receipt with my order, or when it goes through on my credit card. If it’s 10% total, then that is cheaper than buying in my province. I pay 14% HST on almost everything.

Here is the total listed online for my order:
Subtotal: $132.01
Tax: $13.20
Shipping: $8.29
Total: $153.50

The total amount of stuff ordered was 8 balls of Merino, 7 balls of Suri Dream, 1 sweater pattern, 39 balls of WOTA for several pair of clogs, and for a booga bag, and 4 sock yarns.

I don’t think I could have done better in Canada, even if the shipping was less, and there was no duty, or whatever that charge is. The KnitPicks prices are amazing!!!

I’m still not 100% sure about that duty charge, but Kemp, your explanation makes a lot of sense. I’ll come back and update this thread once I get the final bill. I should have my package withing 5-14 days, but as of 3 minutes ago, they are still processing it, and it hasn’t shipped out yet. :frowning: :frowning: