KnitPicks Shine?

I know that a few of you have made some things with KP Shine. I’m looking into making something for my SIL for Christmas. I have a few questions.

How does it hold up? Have you washed and dried it? Does it shrink? Does it sag after wearing it for a while? Does it pill? Do you recommend it?

I’m considering either this or a superwash (i don’t want her to have to be super extra careful with it since i know she’s accidently felted a sweater before…)

I have some limited experience with it… I used it once, when I was a real newbie and still struggling with the knit stitch. I bought one ball to see whether I liked it, and ended up making a simple dishcloth. I didn’t care for the feel of the yarn in my hands… it seemed kinda… linty. It was very soft, though. And it probably wouldn’t be linty after washing. It’s weird, but it sort of reminded me of kitchen string.

What else can I say? Since I had never used anything but wool before, I found the non-stretchiness of the yarn very frustrating. If you’re used to cotton, it probably wouldn’t bother you, but I didn’t like it at all. As for how well it wears, I’m not sure, because I gave the dishcloth away and haven’t asked about it. I’ll have to inquire and report back.

At some point, I’m sure I’ll try knitting with cotton again, but probably not with Shine. You might want to take a test drive with one ball before you commit.

the shine worsted is VERY linty… that’s a good word for it! The shine sport is much better.

so… linty. is that when you’re knitting it up or after you’ve washed it?

Anyone else? opinions of Shine?

I’m knitting the Florida Bag with it. Obviously won’t be wearing it, but I haven’t noticed any lintiness while knitting with it… :rollseyes: I do like it though…it knits nicely.

This may be of interest to you.

I liked knitting with it. I just did a small swatch, but it was nice. For cotton.