Knitpicks 'Shine' (sport) ~ a favour to ask

I made Picovoli a few months back but haven’t worn it yet because the weather wasn’t nice enough. So the other day I tried it on and it’s great, except that the armholes are a bit baggy and I’d sure like to tack them a bit tighter on either side of each armhole. My problem is that I had absolutely ZERO yarn leftover. I mean none except for the tails I cut after weaving in my ends.

So the favour I’m asking is this…if anyone has Shine in the colour ‘green apple’ and would be willing to send me just a few feet of it (I’m talkin’ like 2ft. of yarn) I would GREATLY appreciate it. If not, I’ll figure something else out but just thought I’d ask because I know you’re all such a great bunch of knitters!! :heart:

Thanks to everyone who read this. I just had one of those lightbulb moments.


I have scads of embroidery thread in every colour you could imagine that I haven’t used in ages. I’m sure it would be perfect for fixing up what I need to fix.


:figureditout: GREAT IDEA :wink: fyi, I have no shine :smiley:

I have some green apple to spare, if you still need it. PM me!

I hope the emb. floss works for ya :thumbsup: I don’t have it in green… just orchid…