Knitpicks Options Request - Shorter cables!

I’d love to order the Options set but am hung up over the fact that the shortest cable offered is 24". I use my circulars (Denise) for alll of my knitting. I sent an e-mail to Knitpicks asking about the possibility of offering shorter cables. If you feel the same way maybe you could also e-mail knitpicks with the request.

This is the copy of the e-mail I sent to Knitpicks.

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][I]I’ve heard so many great things about your Options set. I would order them except for one thing. The Options shortest cable length is 24". I use my circulars for almost all of my knitting (I currently own Denise interchangeable) and use shorter cables frequently. Are you going to offer shorter cables in the near future? Even if I had to order them as accessories I would be interested. I’m sure there are many other knitters out there who would like shorter cables.[/I][/SIZE][/FONT]

Knit Picks offers the 16" “Options” in circular needles for each size. IMHO the shorter cable will not work with the interchangeable tips due to the size (length) of the tips. About the shotest cable that would work would be a 20 or 22 inch, and even that is a bit awkward.

I agree with shorter cables not working with the existing interchangeable tips. With a shorter cable if you pointed the tips ‘nose-to-nose’ your cable would be almost flat.

And I would NOT want the interchangeable tips any shorter. I have a couple of sets of the fixed, shorter circs and the needles feel so short in my hand. It takes me a while to adapt to the length of the needles.

The needles are too long on the Options for shorter cables and to completely remake them all would be cost prohibitive. However they DID listen to us and created the 16 in classic circ in the most popular sizes. Yeah KP!!!

I ordered a pair of 6’s the last Sunday but they aren’t going to be in stock until the 15th. I can’t wait to get them.

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Nadja :knitting:

I thought I wanted the 16" too, but then this site taught Magic Loop and I figured no more need. But now I wonder, is there a time when you’d want a 16" circ where magic loop won’t work?

i honestly can’t think of one.

On the Knit Picks website they say:

[I]Many of you have asked about the potential for a 16″ cable to go with the Options needle tips. We don’t offer 16″ cables for the interchangeable tips because the tips are too long to create a circle with such a short cable. We have expanded the sizes we offer in fixed 16″ circular needles. They have shorter tips to accommodate the shorter cable. You can find them on our [COLOR=black]Classic Circular Knitting Needles page. We thank you for your requests and your understanding![/COLOR][/I]

I ordered 16" size 8 and size 6 circular needles, and like Nadja mine are backordered. :sad: I did get my set of size 2 DPNs and “Dancing” sock yarn. I can’t wait to start my first pair of socks… just got to get up the courage to use the DPNs! :oo:

I didn’t see the Knitpicks explanation of why they don’t offer a shorter cable. Not having ever see the Options I didn’t realize how long the needles must be. Thanks for pointing me to the explanation.

It’s under “The Knitting Room” and then FAQ, at the bottom:

I had remembering seeing it a while ago, but had to seach for it to post it last night. It’s kinda hidden! :???: