Knitpicks Options and Shimmer yarn - an amateur review

Hi all.

I ordered some of the KnitPicks laceweight yarn - Shimmer, in the colorway Happy Dance (gotta love the name!). Anyway, I wanted to share my impressions, because I figured someone here could benefit. That, and my husband and cat are unimpressed with my thoughts on the matter, and I just have to share! :smiley:

Ok, so I took out the yarn and at first glance, it seems rather nice. The colorway is definitely lovely - a blend of rasperry and sunshine yellow. The wool is beautifully soft, and the silk, as the name implies, does add a subtle shimmer. It was well packaged in the skein with no knots that I could see, so obviously, quality control is doing its’ job. All in all, a lovely yarn to fondle!

My goal for the 2 skeins I bought is to make the Adamas shawl. Thought it would be pretty as an accent piece for me, or possibly to drape over the rocking chair in my daughters’ room. We’ll see. It is my first lace project, so there’s the obvious learning curve to take into consideration, though I’ve been knitting with fingering weight wool on size 0 Addis, so I’m not afraid of a challenge, I guess!

At first, I tried to knit a swatch with a pair of size 6 Addi Turbos. With 2 seconds after casting on 24 stitches, I was about to trash the project. The guage was too tight, and trying to maneuver the Addi’s under the yarn was proving to be difficult. The needle was just too blunt. Then I remembered 2 things:

  1. I tend to knit on the tighter side. Despite the fact that Adamas calls for size 5 needles, I had moved up to a size 6 automatically, to account for my knitting style. Perhaps I needed something even bigger.

  2. I have in my hot little hands a size 7 32" circular Options needle. So I frogged the swatch, and cast on another 24 stitches onto the new needle.

Well, I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the biggest difference I’d ever seen with a change of needles. With the sharp points of the Options needles, I was able to knit the first few rows of my swatch easily and with comfort. I can generally guage my reaction to the yarn with the number of times I cuss when using it, and the combo of the Options needle and Shimmer produced little in the way of cussing. :roflhard:

For those of you who are addicted to knitting lace, consider investing in a couple of Options needles. It might make a big difference. I think Addis are great for certain types of work (heck, for MOST types of knitting, Addi can’t be beat). But in terms of lace knitting, I have to give Options the first prize. When you combine that with price, it’s easy to see why we’re all snapping up Options like crazy. I may be investing in quite a few more sets of Options. Addi is going to have to adjust their prices or face annihilation in the US market if they don’t.

Hope this was helpful. I will try and post the yarn porn another day, since I love looking at all your pics. I will also try to post pictures of my stash. I have, thank God, a wonderful collection, and it’s fun to show it to people who can actually appreciate it!


I can’t wait to see your project! I’m glad the needles worked out well for you! I’ve been tempted, but I do push with my fingers and I’m a little concerned about that, but we’ll see. Thanks for the review!

I push with my fingers, too, Jan. I wasn’t incurring any major injuries while knitting with the needles. Sure, it’s sharper than my Addis. But you feel a greater sense of control over the knitting. I wasn’t even getting sore with the sharper needles.


Glad the needles work so well. If I hadn’t just gotten a ton of needles from my grandma I would be tempted to get some myself. We would love your company over in the Adamas Shawl KAL if you want to join. Happy knitting!