Knitpicks Options/ American Sizes question

So, was just looking (ok, drooling) over the options set and noticed that american size needles go 10, 10.5, 11 and somewhere in there miss out the 7mm and 7.5mm sizes - is that right? I use those two sizes fairly regularly, so it seems a little weird to jump over them…

Am I going mad? Is there some unknown to me reason for it? Are there Options needles for 7mm and 7.5mm?

Fi xxx

[COLOR=green]This post’s Swedish word/phrase: “Du är inte galen” = “You’re not mad”

You’re not going mad. 7mm and 7.5mm “don’t exist” in US needles… :shrug:

That’s so weird… why on earth not? Anyone know?

Uh, no; but the cynic in me says “Because we are Americans- that’s why!” LOL “Who needs a logical system like millimeters when we can annoy the rest of the world with our own made up numbers!”

Seriously though, I have no idea.

When I knit 30 years ago I often wished there was a size between 10.5 and 11. Then when I started up again a couple years ago and came online, I discovered 7 and 7.5 mm. I bought one of each and love them! They’re the right size for a lot of the knitting I do, but man, they’re sure hard to find.

I’m with Mary, it’s the “we’re Americans, just deal with it!” mentality.
It’s a shame many of us are like that.
I must say I’m intersted in these needle sizes. Are they available for purchase in the US? Does anyone know?


You can get them in Addis, but they’re kind of expensive. I bought some from ebay - look in and UK as they’re more common there. Angelika’s Yarn, Knitting Needles carries both Addi and pony brand which are less expensive.

I have them in Addi’s, too. They have noticed that we wanted the “European” sizes in smaller, needles, if many people email them with the request I’m sure they will also notice the need for these other sizes!

They’re available everywhere here, so if anyone wants them I can send some over - they’re so useful, I use them for a lot of my cardis etc.