Knitpicks new Summer Cottons!

There are 2… Crayon & Shine

They look YUMMY, but I wish there were more colors available in Shine. Im liking the apricot.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks Kelly

oh my god, how did i miss this??? i just placed an order with them! But what the heck is modal (in the shine and shine)?

I just got an email from them this morning…

I have NO IDEA what modal is? Maybe something like tencel??

Here’s what I dug up…

“Modal fibers are an all-natural product made of cellulose, which is an essential component of all plants”

Yeah! I think it IS like tencel, then…tencel is a tree pulp product…

I really really didn’t need to hear about new yarns. No $ left in the budget, but I did get a really cute tank top pattern off the Canadian web site that is made of cotton. Might have to take advantage of knit picks after all.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Yep…we must be pretty special… :XX: :XX: :XX: because I got my info via email, too…lol :stuck_out_tongue: Personally, I think it’s cause they know i spend alllll of my $s there…lol!! they r no dummies!!!

I wasn’t too impressed that they couldn’t get a fingering weight yarn up…of course it was probably bitterness because then I had to buy The actual Rowan yarn the pattern called for. I was hoping to get an excuse to buy 30.00 of yarn to get the good shipping rate. :lol:

I remember seeing a notice on to watch for more new yarns in the coming weeks…

Wow! :drool:

I’ve just been on the lookout for some nice cotton yarn and I’ll definitely take a better look at these.

I’m in Toronto now for a few days, visiting friends, and of course I’ve printed out a list of all the yarn stores in town. I suppose I’ll be broke soon. :rollseyes:

Here’s what I do at knitpicks with fingering weight yarn…i buy the natural and then dye it…of course mine is for socks (which turn out very soft and nice to wear). Also…u can get the whole list of the upcoming yarns on the site if u go to the area on the left side of the home page that states something about ‘designer guidelines’…this is a new thing with knipicks…i submitted a sock pattern for their approval (please :pray: for me bc I’ve not done anything like that before) and as u read down the list of everything that u need to know about submitting a pattern u will see the list of yarns that r supposed to come out this spring or summer…I think that there are 11 or 12 new ones.
Yes…I shop at knitpicks all of the time…lol…can’t beat the price…thank the Lord! I am otherwise not really able to buy good yarn at the otherwise very high prices that u usually find. But…knitpicks sure doesn’t keep me out of my LYS…lol!! A girl’s gotta have yarn…and knitting goodies…don’t u think…so u have to go shop and window shop at LYS! :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:
Have a great :x: week, all