Knitpicks new knitting bag

Has anyone seen the new knitting bag system knitpicks has come up with?

What do you think?

I think I want one. Anything is better than what I carry around now. I have a knitting bag that is filling up very quickly and I carry my purse seperately. It’s a real pain to take it with me because it’s rather large and bulky. I’d love something a bit more stylish but that could hold everything I need, including my take along knitting.

I wish they had more pictures of the purse and the knitting bag…Especially of the inside. I’m interested but I would definately want to see that before I bought the set. It looks like you can buy the pieces separately as well…(of course you get more for your buck if you get the set…)

I cannot express an opinion until they show me the inside. How silly of them! :??

Gosh dangit. There needs to be a manly knitting bag! :doh:

I agree that I would have to be able to see pictures of the insides of all the bags before I’d invest my money in any of them. I would also hope they’d have some other colors to choose from, not just black. I don’t know about the rest of the ladies here, but I’m fairly particular about my pocketbooks. I will say that having a set something like these is appealing to me, and it would help solve the what do you want for B-day, Christmas, etc questions. I am very hard to shop for, according to my family anyhow.

That is a VERY good point, Adian. Unless a man carries around a briefcase, he’s quite limited in his choices. I mean … men knit, too!! And men need places to carry their things as well.

Having said that, it’s become a bit more socially acceptable for men to carry bags now days. Over here in NZ, it isn’t really a worry. Everybody (including business men) carry back packs…

There are no backpacks that I have been able to find that have anywhere near the number of variety of the pockets I see in most knitting bags. It’s very frustrating when you want to carry a well-stocked knitting bag, but your notions are all jumbled up together and the yarn is tangled around your keys and your needles keep poking holes in the bottom.

good point. I was just thinking that there is no way I’d carry my knitting in a back pack. However, you could always get a knitting ball/bag and needle case to put in a backpack. That way, everything would be contained but it would still be on hand when you wanted to take it out.

I think you are very brave just for attempting to knit in public. I don’t know many men with (excuse my language here, please) balls big enough to do that.

I’m so social, if I didn’t knit in public I’d never knit at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aidan… what about the Jordana Paige Messenger bag??

I like the design on the bags, but the handles make me think of oldlady handbags :rollseyes:

Those bags are absolutely horrendous. Oy. They look like what you would buy at Walmart, and snapping the purse to the knitting bag looks like the biggest pain in the arse ever.

No thanks…I like to use messenger and tote bags.

Aidan, you should most definitely try to locate a Fossil store near you, or go to a Dillard’s or something. There are fantastic Fossil messenger bags that would make great knitting bags.

I LOVE “House”!!! Oh, sorry, I was distracted. I would like to see the inside, and I would also like to feel the outside.


I have a “weekender” bag that I keep my stuff in, I got it from Yves Rocher with an order I made.

See now that is the ONLY part that intrigues me. I hate switching my purse and my knitting or getting my “purse things” all snagged up in my knitting. I also don’t like taking a project out of a bag so I can put another in… Basically I hate all the switching I do. So the concept of the multisized knitting bags with a purse that attaches to it is a concept I love. Now the design of the bags they came up with needs a little work but again we have one not so great picture…I still wish they took more.

I think that I will save my money and buy a Lexie Barnes bag one day.

I think I love it! :inlove: But as everyone else has said, "MORE PICTURES PLEASE!"

That is weird they don’t show the inside! Sounds like it has lots of good pockets though. I’d also like to see the fabric more close up.

Great prices though for sure. Knitpicks is really doing some great marketing lately by manfacturing their own stuff.

It’s not really my style. Too glossy and shiny for my tastes, really.