Knitpicks has Denise, Boye, and Addi Turbo's 50% off

I just saw this posted over at Knitty’s coffeeshop. I ordered the 12" Addis in sizes 1,2 and 3 for $6.25 each!!! It looks like they have a lot of sizes. I also bought a 2nd set of Denise’s for $24.97. Here’s the link:

Just scroll down below the knitpicks needles. :happydance:

Ahhhhhhh, right after I placed an order already! :doh:

Oh well, I guess I can cruise back over there. 50% off Addis, who can pass that up?

OMG! I just went over there and it is sooooooooooooooo hard not to want to get at least 1 pair of addi’s…I don’t really NEED them though :rollseyes:

:cheering: Thank you!!! I just ordered a set of Denises…$28 shipped! The deal I’ve been waiting for! :smiley:

My sentiments exactly… how was I supposed to resist that?

Thanks JLC!

:shock: :shock: :thinking:

ETA… they don’t have the addis I want. Poo. :doh:

Looks like they are selling off their existing stock. They probably intend to only carry their house brand in th efuture.

Oh poo, they have the needle I’ve been looking everywhere for but can’t find it anywhere except for a lot of $$$$$ of course – size 1, 40" – BUT with the $6.99US shipping charge to Canada (more than the needle itself! :rollseyes: ) it makes it not so worth it :frowning: Drat.

Wow…that price of under $25.00 for the Denise set is amazing!!! If I didn’t already own a set I’d sure buy them. Wonderful deal for sure.

if you think about it though, that would probably be about the regular price here…not great but could definitely be worse!

:blush: yeah i ordered another set of denise needles…ssshhhh…don’t tell! i found myself swearing at my addis this week because the points weren’t pointy enough on the 10.5s…whoda thunk that would have happened?

WOW, can’t believe Denises are $25.oo either!!! But, alas, I ordered the Options set, no sale needles…I have all of the needles that I could possibly ever need…but, I couldn’t resist :wink:

Wow…I just placed an order yesterday for their new circulars, but I couldn’t resist this sale. I just bought 4 more addi’s. Now I must stop spending money - I really don’t need any more needles. :rollseyes:

Wow!!! must resist temptation!!! Denise’s for $25??? Holy cow!
I mean I already have mine…I’d really like the Options though.

Yes, you’re right but if I can get it locally for $18-$20 or whatever it might be at my LYS then there’s no point in trying to get a ‘deal’ online if the shipping brings it up to about the same price anyways because there’s exchange from US-Canadian which brings it up another couple dollars too.

yeah that’s true…that is generally my line of thinking as well…AND i don’t have to wait for it either then. :frowning:

Well, I just took the plunge!

After hearing all of the raves about these needles and figuring how much I would save buy not buying individual needles (both straight and circular) I decided get them. And then you really have to buy yarn so that your yarn stash doesn’t feel envious of your needle stash :smiley:

I am so excited, I can hardly wait :smiley:

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Yeeehaw! I’ve been scrimping and saving to buy a pair of Denise’s. How can you ever get enough when there’s all that lovely yarn just calling your name?? :wink:

I’m off to order some. TY for the info.

We knitters hate to wait, don’t we?? :wink:

lol yes when i get needles i tend to think i need them right now…

ya know…like i am having a knitting emergency!

:rollseyes: :rofling:

RATS, KQ, I just called to see if I could add that needle to my order for you and they said no :crying: …it had already processed or something. :frowning: