Knitpicks free shipping question

I’m getting ready to place my first knitpicks yarn order (no really…I’m going to do it this time). I’m getting 10 skeins of shine worsted in green apple for a basket weave baby blanket for one of my best friends who is expecting in September (yeah, I finally decided on a pattern after weeks of indecision…thanks everyone for your imput!).

Question is this, a while back someone here posted that they got free shipping ordering only $30 worth of yarn instead of the $40 shown on the site. Has anyone else had this happen or is it a mistake on knitpick’s part and it should have been $40? My order is only around $25 now. I can’t really afford to bump up to $40 but if I can get free shipping for $30 I’ll do that.

Forgot one more thing. Who does knitpicks use for their shipping? UPS, Fed-Ex or regular mail? I have a PO box so if it’s not regular mail I’ll have to put my street address down.

It’s regular mail, and it is $40 now.

Here’s a piece of advice: if you get the free shipping, pay a bit extra to get them to expedite the order (still cheaper than if you were to pay for regular shipping). The reason: I think they use tortoises to haul the free-shipping orders. You could be waiting quite awhile.

Put AdNoShp in the code box and you’ll get free shipping no matter what your order total is. They use USPS for shipping, and some people have good luck with the shipping speed, some have crappy luck. It’s never taken longer than 5 days from placing my order to recieving it for me, and I’ve never paid for shipping from knitpicks.

AdNoShp really works? Wow!

I pay for expedited shipping only because my first order got lost, and the second (a re-order of the lost order items, still not expedited) still took about 10 days. It was really frustrating.

OOOHHH!!! Thanks! I’m going to try this. If it doesn’t work no harm done. Thank you!

Not sure about the AdNoShp thing (which I may try this AM, as I need to order some more yarn myself) however, Hedgewick, I noticed you are in Ohio. I am in Ohio too (NE Ohio) and I THINK that they ship out of Columbus maybe? Anyway, I have always done the free shipping no expediting and gotten it in a matter of days. So quick I couldn’t believe it.

I hope that’s true Kitkat. I ordered color cards from them about a month ago and it took almost 3 weeks to get here! Kinda strange since I’m only 2 hours from Columbus.

i have always paid for the extra shipping (which comes UPS if i recall correctly!) since color cards took forevah! 3 day delivery if you meet the free ship requirements is around $7.

It worked!! I used the code and wasn’t charged shipping :happydance:

The only problem I had was that I couldn’t upgrade to rush delivery but since it’s free and my first order I’ll wait and see how long it takes and then decide if I’ll do it again. Thanks again kitkat!!!

Hmm…I was wondering… :thinking:

Wouldn’t they be able to track thru there computers or something that shipping wasn’t paid? Wouldn’t it show up on the invoice under shipping that the person wasn’t charged for shipping? (If so, you’d think they’d notice during the time they’re filling the order…) …Do you know what they use that code for??


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I live about an hour and half away from Columbus and its never took me more than 3 days to get an order so hopefully it comes soon… usually I place an order on Friday and have it by Tues/Wed and never do the rush deliver thingy… gonna remeber that cody thingy!! Thanks :thumbsup:

Angelia’s STILL waiting for one order :rofling:
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I wonder if the AdNoShp would work for shipping to Canada?

That was me. I ordered just over $30 worth, but figured I’d have to pay shipping and didn’t. My next order was about $10 and I did have to pay shipping. They do say $40 so I don’t know what the deal was.

Even with the free shipping my order was shipped the next day and I recieved it quickly. A lot of people have problems though.

I’ve never had problems with knitpicks. I’ve been very pleased with them! I put in a largish order and one color of WOTA was out of stock. They shipped everything else very quickly and then promptly shipped the WOTA when they got it. I was very impressed! The problem came when my apt’s office gave the package to someone else. UGH! The mailman never comes to the door here. If it can’t fit into the mailbox, they deliver it straight to the apt. office and those people just aren’t careful. I actually hesitate to order from places that use USPS for that reason. FedEx, UPS and DHL all knock at the door. MUCH BETTER!


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