Knitpicks free shipping change

I was just at KP checking on my order and saw that the banner now reads “Free Shipping on orders of $40” Still not hard to do. Didn’t see a thread on this so thought I would start spreading the word.

Wonder why they raised it? :?? Particularly since it’s crap and takes forever… But, the free shipping + the $7 expedited shipping is speedy, so that’s at least a good deal!

My budget, however, may suffer from this additional $10 per order…

I love Knitpicks. This just gives me an excuse to spend a little more money there…as if I really need an excuse. :rollseyes:

:roflhard: Well, there is that…

I’m sue it is two-fold. One is probaby the cost of shipping over all and the second may be based on what the average order is. Maybe most people spend closer to $40 so they upped it to up their averages. KWIM? I still can’t see it a hard $40 to spend :smiley:

I got an email from knitpicks a few weeks ago about this. they said it had something to do with the recent extreme hike in gas prices.

Oh I know exactly what you mean…I think my last two orders were about $45… and I wasn’t even trying to get free shipping! :rofling: :rofling:

Shipping costs money, just like everything else does. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

Not looking any gift horse in the mouth. Just passing on news :smiley: And there are SO many online places that free shipping doesn’t start until $50 or $75. So $40 is truly a gift. And do you know how much WOTA you can get for $40? :smiley:

Oh yeah, we could have to spend oodles more. And yes, the prices are so fantabulous that a $40 minimum is really not a problem!

But still, I just can’t help it:

Smarty pants!

:roflhard: You are naughty!

I was just channeling Ingrid. :devil:

I got the e-mail too…they raied the free shipping minimum but lowered the “under $10” shipping charge to make those small orderes a little less painful. :wink:

If a couple people lived close you could also combine an order if you wanted smaller amounts of yarn…although I can’t see that happening. :roflhard:

Jan, can you explain “smaller amount of yarn”? I’m just not comprehending.

Well like I said…I can’t see that happening. :roflhard: :roflhard:

Actually, I just did that yesterday. I only bought 5 skeins of yarn and two pairs of needles! And only 3 of em are for me!

Denise, I hope you are feeling better soon. :roflhard:

the price of stamps is supposed to be going up here pretty soon. i think stamps will now be .42 or.44 something like that. i don’t remember what but postage is supposed to be raising.