Knitpicks coupon

I am getting ready to place my first order with Knitpicks. Any coupon codes? I already qualify for the free shipping (like that was hard to do).


[color=darkblue]I’ve never heard of Knitpicks having a coupon but maybe someone else here would know more about it. That would be cool though. I might even order if there were one. :slight_smile:

nah if they gave codes they would be practically giving the yarn away for free!

[color=darkblue]You’re right. There prices are pretty good. I’ve been going to order several times but I love to FEEL the yarn. They get such great reports though I would probably love everything,

Thought it would not hurt to ask, since they have a box for a coupon code (from an ad it says)on the checkout page, there must be some out there.

Placed my order anyway and am now going to be stalking the mailman. Hopefully it will not take 14 days since I live 1-1/2 hours from the Ohio distribution center.


It seems like people living in Alabama have the most problems :rofling: sorry that might be an inside joke.

I live in Indianapolis and I have never had a KP order take longer than 5 days from ordering to get to me.

that area may be for a gift certificate #.

They often have codes in mags, had one in the current IK, actually :wink: !

In the newest catalog I got from them a few days ago, they included samples (enough to knit a tiny swatch) of Ambrosia and Panache! It was so nice to get to feel them… they both contain cashmere and are sooooo soft. I’ll definitely be ordering some of this stuff.

(FYI - I actually got two copies of the catalog - one in my maiden name and one in my married name - and only one of them had the samples in it. I don’t know whether the samples were included in random catalogs, or whether they sent them to people who have ordered previously.)

Several of their yarns have color cards available. You could always buy some of these if you want to feel (and see) the yarn.

That is great that you got small samples. I received a catalog a few weeks ago but nothing was in it. It was the October one.
I LOVE feeling yarn. :slight_smile:

How long does it take to get their catalog? I thought I ordered one online a few weeks ago but it hasn’t shown up yet.

[color=darkblue]Mine took about 2 weeks “I THINK”. I remember hearing some say it was VERY late or they never did get one. Not sure why though,

Thanks…I’ll order again.

coupons from KP :drooling: :drooling: :drooling:

It took me almost a month to get their catalog after requesting it online.

I know that if you are just ordering sock yarn you can use the code SOCKS and get free shipping. I wish I knew others!