Knitpicks Coupon

Hi Everyone,

Does Knitpicks ever offer any coupons?


I’ve seen some in knitting magazines a few years ago, but generally they don’t have them.

they don’t do them anymore

[COLOR=“Purple”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Yes, they do have coupons. I had one sent to me about 3 weeks ago for 10% off. I used it to purchase 2 sets of their needles. One set is the Harmony wood and the other is the nickel plated brass. I wish I had gotten the zephyr acrylics too. I highly recommend their needles. They are wonderful! I love their yarns too. Pricing is great!![/FONT][/COLOR]

I think they are few and far between. I’ve not seen any in ages.

I have gotten one in the mail, but that was months ago and expired before I could encourage my family to use it to buy me the KP Options I wanted. I do keep looking through my knitting magazines as well.

Dude. Did you get your Options?!?!? You better have! :angry: Or imma come over there and fwhap your husband/family upside the head for ya. :slight_smile: