Knitpicks $100 monthly drawing... what would you get?

I was just wondering if any of you have ever won this? Also, if you did win what would you get. Just curious being that I’m a new knitpicks customer (my first order is on it’s way).

I remember reading that someone on here won it, but I don’t know who :?? Oh, I would get the EZ Workshop dvd & palette box :smiley:

I would buy 2 of all the merino styles!!!

I would get stuff that I wouldn’t normally try but looks nice. I’d get a few skeins of Suri Dream because it looks really soft and snuggly. Would make a nice scarf. Would also like to try Panache because it’s got cashmere in it so it’s got to be nice. Maybe I’d save it for a sweater (when I know how to make one someday). I’d also like to try spinnaker althought I have no idea what I’d do with it. I’d make a throw but would need quite a bit. Hmmm… all that would probably use up my $100.

Hmmm…I’d be tempted to get a big ticket item (Denises or a swift) but then again, I’d also love to get enough Decadence or Panache to knit this sweater:


Oooh, Julie, I love that sweater!! :inlove:

I’d probably get a bunch of Ambrosia or Elegance, and would definitely get the EZ dvd!

I’d get yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. :inlove: I think. :roflhard:

Hedge, I knit a cowl from Suri Dream… in the ball it is very soft, but it is a little bit itchy. Its not too bad just draped around the back of my neck, but when I put the cowl up it itches my chin and forhead. I certainly wouldn’t use it for a swater.

Me too. :lol:

okay, and maybe some bamboo dpns or a book…

but mostly, yarn!

I’ve never heard of this before! What is it? And how do you enter?

In the utterly unlikely event that I would EVER deplete my currently overflowing stash tub (not that I would ever win anyway), before placing a KnitPicks order, do you think it would be worth ordering all or at least most of the color cards? They have 14 different cards, but I could probably do without the sock ones. I’d really like to “experience” their yarn before buying it sight-unseen, but I guess that hasn’t stopped me before, as evidenced by the heap o’stash in the tub! :rollseyes:

That is really great to know…thanks! I really was thinking of getting some to try but after hearing the itch-factor I think I’ll reconsider. I think it may be a little fuzzy for a beginner like me anyway. Maybe in a few months.

If you go to the knit picks homepage, there’s a button on the bottom right (I think) that says enter our $100 drawing or something. I enter every month, just in case! I think I’d try out all their new summery yarns. :inlove: