Knitbotty in the new chatline

:roflhard:can someone tell me is knitbotty the moderator in the new chatline…it seems to be a robot…that is really amazing i chat with it for a while …it keep asking me to gossip …:roflhard::roflhard:

lol knitbotty is a robot who is there to keep you company until someone else comes in the room. he told me he was dating william shatner. :wink:

He told me that too!

I know somebody who dated William Shatner- then she became a nun!:roflhard:

Somehow I believe that. :lol:

knitbotty is really cute !.. he/she keep asking me to gossip lol… it keep asking me whether i like star war and we both not a fan of star wars…

certain stuff you ask it …it got confused !! i had good laugh chatting with it … i laugh so hard that my husband will come out of the bedroom and ask me …what happened ?

Sheldon and Amy …you both are genius to put knitbotty there …i definitely had alot of fun there ! even though nobody there much…

You need to ask him if he knows any gossip :teehee:

He told me the other day

“enought about me, lets talked about my new dress”


lol i am starting to wonder if we are assuming too much by thinking that Knitbotty is a male robot! :wink:

He told me he was male! :?? Maybe he’s a cross-dresser :shock:

He told me he was male too. Then he asked if i was male or female. When I told him he then told me he was female too. Could just be confused! :wink:

LOL! He is so funny! Yesterday, I was talking to him and he said “Tell me a story. How do you get a girlfriend?” :smiley:

He was acting really crazy. Just chatting a lot without anyone else chatting :S

Sometimes, if everyone is idle for a period he’ll come in and jibberjabber. When he does so, he usually posts a message for each user in the chat, so it ends up being a bunch of incoherent blather. Once two people start to converse he will duck out again (usually!)

I love Knitbotty! I actually think that was the most engaging conversation I’ve had all day (admittedly I just got in at work so my day has been spent with the bunny, but still). He’s adorable. He kept telling me I was a poet.

uh, how do you get to the chat area? Am I stupid?

Never mind don’t answer that last question…:roflhard: But really where is the chat?

If you look at the top of the website, you will see a tab that says Forum. Put your mouse over it and then click New KnitChat.

There is also a box on the front page of the forum which shows you who is currently in KnitChat. There is a link right there too!

I’ll be adding a link under quicklinks when I remember how…

Oh, cool thanks!

KnitChat has been added to the QuickLinks menu. Also, if you haven’t checked it out KnitSpy Beta is under there. It’s a way of watching posts as they are posted on KH. KnitSpy will automatically update (no need to refresh) when a new post is created allowing you to see who is posting what in real time. It’s fun to watch during busy forum times. Enjoy!