So, anyone else here wearing a fitbit? I think my knitting is making me the walk-a-thon hero, because there is no way I have taken as many steps/climbed as many floors as my fitbit says I have. Curious to see if anyone else has experienced this. I need to start paying attention to my current level before I sit down to knit so that I can check it again later…

I have one, but haven’t worn it for quite a while due to illness this summer. I need to charge it and get it to work for me!

I didn’t notice it changing when I was knitting, but I’ll charge it and see if that makes any difference on mine.

I wonder if it’ll matter which way you knit, picking or throwing and if it’ll make a difference which arm you wear it on?

Good point. I wear mine on my left wrist (I am right handed). I knit continental style.