Knit Your Bit for Vets

I just recently saw this post in the Knitter’s Review forum by hissyknit (Chrissy B) and I thought I’d share:

[COLOR=#191970]It’s that time of the year and the WWII museum is once again asking for knitted scarves for our veterans in VA hospitals, VFW and American Legions. Last year my knitting group sent about 25 scarves to them.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#191970]The only request they have is for scarves with no pink or yellow–most of the vets in the hospitals are men and they prefer traditional “men” colors. Any pattern is fine as well as any kind of yarn. Acrylic is fine or something that is washable. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#191970]For more information, contact the very nice contact person, Lauren. If you want to send some pink or yellow scarves for some lady vets, she can tell you if and how much to send. The website is [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000ff][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#191970]Thanks in advance for helping our vets![/COLOR]

This is a fast, easy project! :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing this. I’ve never done any charity knitting (well, actually, I crocheted a small blanket for the local animal shelter back in high school) and didn’t know there were so many opportunities for doing it. Making something for veterns is right down my alley. Thanks again!


This is one that I really wanted to do but I just don’t have the time right now. I love that I can share it here and other people can join right in!