Knit yfwd

I have a pattern that that begins: k2. yfwd. k4

How do I knit with the yarn forward? I know that a stitch can be slipped with the yarn forward and then moved back, but how can you knit with the yarn forward? What is the purpose?


A yarn forward will replace a stitch that may be decreased in a row, such as with lace work. Or add stitches in a row.
All you need to do is bring the yarn forward and when you go to knit the next stitch insert the needle as usual and bring the yarn to the back, continuing to knit as you regularly do.

Thanks so much! That makes sense. Would that have the same effect as a yarnover?

Would that have the same effect as a yarnover?

Yep. You’ll find diff techniques sometimes net you similar results.


It is a yarn over, since the yarn will be carried over the top of the needle; however, because you are knitting it it won’t need to be carried back to the front as if you were purling. Depending on where the pattern is produced and or published you may see terms like: YO = Yarn Over, YFWD = Yarn Forward, YRN = Yarn Round Needle, YON = Yarn Over Needle, YFON = Yarn Forward Over Needle, etc. They all pretty much want you to create a new stitch while not inceasing in the next stitch (and either bring the end completely forward and purl the next stitch or leave tail in the back and knit the next stitch), this can be handy when working two stitches together or passing stitches over worked stitches to replace those stitches and create a hole at the same time.