Knit without looking

Id love to knit while watching tv without looking at the needles any tips in doing this please x

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Use only knits and purls. I can do a little more than knits and purls, decreases and increases for shaping kind of stuff, but keep it simple so you don’t have to look at the pattern a lot. Looking at something else while you do a few stitches can lead to doing more before you have to do more than a quick glance at your work. Practice.

Thankyou I’ll give it a try

If I want to read or watch TV I usually just do knit only. Like hats (in the round) or garter flat. It does just take practice. As you’re knitting take note of how the stitches feel on your fingers. I can usually tell when I’ve made a mistake just by the feel.

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Definitely keep it simple. Garter stitch, stockinette stitch or knitting in round would be best. And definitely practice a lot. Every few rows (or on commercial breaks) check to see if there are any errors you need to fix before going on.

Thank you for the great tips everyone

I use my index finger on my left to hold the stitches on the needle. That way when the right needle pulls a stitch I can feel that I’ve only got one. If I can’t I run the right needle back from the point to feel the first bump. If it feels wrong sticking the needle in, wrapping or pulling through pull the needle out and try again (or if you’re watching TV you can look, this is what I do in the dentist’s chair so I can’t always look).
Knits into knits and purls into purls is easy for me. Garter stitch in cotton is harder with split and incomplete stitches. K6 P2 can usually be felt so if I’m working on cables I make sure to complete a crossing row before not looking.

I learned by looking up at the TV, knit a couple stitches, check the work. In the dentist’s chair I go slow and visualize.


Thanks Mike

Knitting in the dentist chair. I’ve knit in the waiting room but never thought of that. Perfect stress reliever.
Many thanks, Mike!

Forces my mind on other things. Otherwise I hear the sounds and visualize my jewelry tools.