Knit with Yarn in Front


I just can’t figure out how to do this. Help. Anyone? Help. Please.

To knit with the yarn in front means that the yarn is hanging in front of your needle. When you do knit stitches, it hangs down the back of your work; when you purl, it hangs down the front. Is this what you meant?

Well I know knit and purl but how do I wrap the yarn around the needle if for a knit if the yarn is hanging in the front? Do I wrap it around the front needle? The instructions are written like this:

Row 10: (K1, with yarn in front, slip 1, yarn back) across to last 2 sts, K2

I really want to learn this. Thank you so much for responding.

The commas in those instructions are misleading. You want to knit one, then move your yarn to the front and slip the next stitch, then move the yarn back to where it was. No wrapping involved, since you don’t have to knit that stitch. :slight_smile:

It’s all a matter of punctuation. K1 as you normally would, then sl1 with the yarn in front and then put the yarn back for the knit again.

Oh, don’t some directions drive you batty? I think what the pattern is saying is this:

Knit your first stitch, bring the yarn to the front, as if you were going to purl, then insert your right needle into the stitch on the left needle as if you were going to purl, but instead, just slip it to the right hand needle. Then, take the yarn that’s hanging in front and bring it around to the back. So, you’d then be in position to knit your next stitch. Long winded, but I hope it made sense.

No lack of willing help here, huh! :rofling:

Seriously, that is the worst display of comma usage I have ever seen! So funny!

Anyway if that is all then thank you so much! You saved me a ton of time.