Knit with Pearl Cotton- Size 5?

I have some bookmark patterns which call for size 2 needles and size 10 crochet thread. Could I use pearl cotton size 5 yarn (found near the embroidery thread in store) instead?

Hi and welcome to KH :happydance:

I’m not sure if it would come out the same but you could try it and see…you may have to change your needle size. I looked up some bookmarks on Ravelry that use Cotton 10 to see if others had sub Pearl Cotton…some had but it was size 8

I love to knit with 5/2 pearle cotton…usually use a 1 or 2 in needles…#8 thread is a bit smaller but I think if you adjust down on your needles you’ll like it. Check your guage with a swatch! Heck, a bookmark is a guage swatch, isn’t it? :teehee:

Thanks so much for your help–my bookmark turned out beautiful! One question (since you’re used to working with perle cotton) How do you keep it from getting all tangled up? Do you wind it into a center pull ball? Thanks again for your help.

Usually I am working with it from a cone. You can wind it into a center ball but best to knit from the outside of the ball. Hope this helps and would love to see your bookmark! Mary