Knit wise

My pattern is telling me to “bind off knit wise” on the wrong side. What do they mean by “knit wise”? I am knitting a sweater and this is the last instruction for the neck of the sweater. I am currently ready to knit down the right side of the sweater. So, do I need to do another row before I do the bind off on the wrong side?

Thanks for any advice anyone might have.

Knitwise just means to bind off using knit stitches. So you knit the first two, pass the first one over the second, knit another stitch, pass the first over the second, etc. until the end of the row. Binding off can also be done with purl stitches (purlwise) or can be done in pattern, so this is why your pattern specifies.

bind off like you would to knit, with the yarn in the back, if you were to do it purlwise, then you’d bring the yarn to the front like to purl.
knit two then pull the first loop over the last and repeat until you have one loop left on the right needle and just pull the remaining yarn through.
Just your regular knit bind off; that’s what I always do when it says to bind off knitwise.
cant wait to see the finished project!

Thanks for the help. I’m glad it’s not more complicated than that. However, I have a second question: I am currently ready to knit down the right side of the sweater and the instruction tells me to “bind off knit wise on the wrong side.” Does that mean I need to knit one row on the right side and then bind off on the next row, i.e., the wrong side?

when you bind off, make sure you do so with the wrong side facing you. If this means you have to knit another row to do so then do it. (make a note on the pattern so you can keep the other side the same)

It sounds like, from your description, that they want you to pick up stitches along the side and then bind off on the next row–the wrong side would be facing you. Does that sound right?

I think you’ve confirmed my suspicion-- knit one last row, then bind off with the wrong side facing.

Thanks! You gals are great! I couldn’t knit without you!