Knit underwear

I am going to a bachelorette party on saturday. We are to bring a pair of panties that suits our personalities. I would love to show up with a pair of hand knit panties. Does anyone have a pattern??


The face is a link.

OMG!! that is great. I wonder if I can find that licorice?

That’s what I was gonna recommend, too. :teehee:

eh, they are just laces…they should be easy enough to find! :teehee:

Looks sticky! :teehee:

These are pretty.

The one Indian Princess posted is really pretty. There are lots of pretty lingerie type stuff at:

I :heart: the knitted thong!!!

(Wish I had a smaller derriere! :teehee: )

omg!!! this one goes up past my size!!! Thanks Nik!

this is what I made. I just wish it fit me. I think it is beautiful and can’t wait for her to see it.

ick ick those licorice things ick

funny though :rofl:

I love the pretty knitted ones, even the colour.