Knit Twisted Stitch

Hi. Can anyone explain this; Pattern reads as follow: Purl 1 normal stitch and knit 1 twisted stitch-knit a stitch from the front not from back.

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Keep the yarn back, as when doing a normal knit stitch. Insert your right needle from the same direction as if you were going to purl and knit the stitch. You will end up with a twisted knit stitch.

(I think this pattern is using the “front” and “back” terminology wrong. Some will agree with me and some will not agree with me and thus I fully understand that the instructions are confusing for anyone not knowing how to twist a stitch.)

Thank you so much for your help, I will try that.

I came across this stitch on Pinterest I was intrigued by it so I looked on YouTube and there are a few videos on there

Thank you. Will look.