Knit toy patterns (amigurumi)

I’m looking for knit toy patterns and Knit amigurumi patterns most are crochet, I would like to knit them for my first grandchild (yahoo) Can anyone help me out would really appreciate it. Would love to find one for a panda since my daughter used to carry one with her all the time when she was a baby and would love to be a able to knit one for her to give to her baby. She would be so surprised! Thanks :happydance: :thumbsup: :happydance:

I don’t have a clue what amigurumi is, but I found a few free ones.
There are actually more so if you have something specific in mind we can help better.

Just toys…

Lots of pattern links here

Oh yeah…the panda…I found a few really cute ones, but they are in books so you might check your library.

                 Knitted Toys: 21 Easy-to-Knit Patterns for Irresistible Soft Toys                   
               World of Knitted Toys  by Kath Dalmeny

Thanks so much for the links Jan in CA

Jan in CA, most of these were crochet but they are cute. I can’t crochet yet so I’m looking for knit ones that’s the problem most are crochet. Hope to talk to you again. Thanks again!

Oh sorry! For some reason I thought you could crochet.

The link I gave last for Knitting Pattern Central has tons of toys, and the ones from Knitty are also knitted, plus I gave the links to a few books of knitted toys. If you don’t want to buy them you can get them from your library system.

yes, crochet. I looked on Ravelry and there were 184 patterns and they all looked crochet to me…time to start designing! :slight_smile:

try buying some alan dart patterns, they are very articulate and realistic

he has a mermaid pattern i think would be perfect for what you’re looking for

I happened to click on the links while my 3 year old son was in here. He said to me, in his Furbie language, “Uh huh. I need that. Knit one for me.”

I have to say I am impressed that he recognized it was a knitted thing. He’s really into my knitting. And he asks me every day when I’m going to give him his Monster Hat.

If you’re able to access to Rav, they have a Knitted Toys Group. Lots of pics, pattern info.


Thanks everyone for the replies, I am on ravelry love the site so much info, would love to get my hands on some Alan Dart’s patterns, anyone know where I can get any or anyone have some they are willing to share, they are very hard to come by. Thanks again look forward to talking to you all again.:muah: :knitting: :grphug:

there’s a floppy-ear bunny in the March 08 issue of Creative Knitting if you can get your hands on that issue.

I just bought an Alan Dart of the border collie. I’m waiting very impatiently for it to arrive from Canada! The postage was as much as the pattern :eyes:

Alan Dart patterns -

Greetings. I have found Alan Dart patterns on Ebay but they come from the UK so multiply the cost by two to convert to dollars but I have ordered 2 anyway. I have heard that they are stunning - cute to. One of the knitting mags had an article on him but it is very hard to find his patterns here. That said, Barnes and Noble and Borders carry “Simply Knitting” (a British knitting mag) and Alan Dart has a pattern in it almost every month. Hope this helps.:grphug:

heres one:

I have a blog,, that puts together a list of different patterns. What exactly do you want to make? The book “World of Knitted Toys” which I have has a panda pattern, if you don’t want to buy the book (It’s actually worth the Ten dollars off Amazon) I have a copy and can send you scans, if you wish :wink:

Also, AmyGaines has a Panda Piratefor sale for about 3 dollars. May not be your style, but thought I’d mention it.

I’m actually designing a knit panda. . . to be released later this year. Hope my links helped :slight_smile:

For an absolutely adorable item that kids of all ages like, try this:

I made 7 or 12 of them for Christmas and the kids from 1 to 11 really, really liked them.

Here’s some of the ones I made:

Thanks for all the patterns guys, I think I will make some for my nephew and the children’s hospital here.

Thanks for the links would love to see some of the stuff in the book I would buy it but I do not own one credit card thankfully can’t wait to see your panda pattern.

I haven’t tried them myself, but here are 2 free patterns that look really cute (scroll down to Rainbow babies)

Rosemary, those Dust Bunnies are so cute.