Knit too loose

I am just learning how to knit. At first I practiced all of the basic techniques until I felt comfortable with them, and then decided to start a project. My project that I am working on is a scarf. I first started with the stockinette stitch, not know that wouldn’t be a good idea since it doesn’t lay flat. I decided to try the seed stitch, but when I tried it, it look awful. I am now just trying a regular garter stitch, but my problem is all of my stitches look very loose and messy. What could I be doing wrong? Could it be that the yarn that I am using is warn out from all of the unraveling and trying over? This was also the reason why my seed stitch looked so bad. My stitches were so messy I could hardly tell which was my purl stitch and which was my knit. I am doing my stitches exactly as shown on the videos, and a book that I check out from the library. Any advice?

Don’t worry too much at this point. You need some practice and a lot of that will take care of itself. You might be using needles that are too large for the yarn and YOU. Everyone works at a different tension and the needles called for on a skein or a pattern are only suggestions.

Just keep practicing and your tension will improve and even out. Don’t worry about how the sts look for now, washing or blocking will even them out quite a lot when you’re done.

Thanks. I have been working at it, and it looks a lot better.

I agree with yall. It is amazing how much washing and blocking will fix “sloppy” lol. The more you knit the better your stitches look. Just like anything.
Keep knitting