Knit together live stitches?

OK here’s the deal. I hate kitchener, specifically on toes. I love the toe in toe up socks but I hate the heel in tow up socks. SO then I thought why don’t I combine the best parts of both. Do a cuff down sock heel and a toe up toe and graft them together. But there’s no way I’m going to do all that grafting the foot to the toe. So If I have a toe up toe on one set of needles with live stitches how can I graft it to the foot of the cuff down sock with live stitches? Or should I CO both and somehow dew them together? THat would suck to. Hmmmm what to do…:think:

I’ve started doing this at the end of the toe … with 16 stitches left, I thread a yarn needle and thread it through all the live stitches and pull it tight, then run the thread through the tightened stitches again, run the yarn to in the inside and weave in and walaaaa, it’s done. I’ve finished about 5 pair of socks this way and it works just fine.

I used to hate kitchner stitch, but after my grandmother (she taught me to knit) poked fun at my kitchner stitch and told me I needed help (in a loving way) I went online in search of videos to help me with the stitch. I just didn’t get it from the written directions - watching a video helped a lot.

I found this one on Youtube - there are a lot, I think this is the one I watched.

Here is an article with pictures:

Once I got it, I actually do prefer this for my socks instead of running a thread through. I even do it for the top of hats, especially ones that I don’t attach a pom-pom to.

I don’t think that there is a way to ‘sew’ them together without a seam unless you graft :shrug: If there is, I would be interested in finding out.

Teachermom, thanks for the link to that You Tube video! It’s very clear and makes it easy to understand the Kitchener stitch. I bookmarked for reference.

1 thought.

start at cuff… work down with your favorite heel till its time to shape the toe.

working on half the stitches, make a 'short row heel–that is work half the stitches, short row, then pick up short rows…

now you have 2 sets of LIVE stitches… (from the foot, from the toe.)
bind these stitches off 3 needle style.

this will create a decorate bump/line at the top of toe (not the bottom/sole!)

this will not be uncomfortable (go look at “gold toe brand” mens socks… they are made exactly this way! (and bound off in a golden (wooly) thread.)

the short row toe (heel) is almost identical to a french/flat heel. (you can also kitchener this joint much more easily than the toe)

Have you tried a toe-up sock with a heel flap?