Knit to Purl in the Same Row

Hi everyone! I’m fairly new to knitting but am working on a “beginner’s blanket” pattern that is knit 15 stitches, then purl 15, k15, p15 and so on. My problem comes when I get to my second row which is reversed. P15, K15, P15…

My first row goes fine but my second row is always 4 stitches too long. I looked at the FAQ for mysterious stitches and I realize it’s when I go from a knit to a purl. I’m not sure where I am supposed to grab the stitch from my left needle.

I realize this doesn’t make a ton of sense but I’m not sure how to describe my problem. Which loop do I pick up when it looks like there are 2 loops to one stitch?

Hi Sweetpoyzin

What is happen is that you are doing a yarn over rather than just moving your yarn from front to back and and back to front. Somehow you are wrapping the yarn around the needle. I am looking for a you tube tutorial that will dhow you the placement of the yarn when you are changing back and forth. You have to be careful where your yarn is, when purling your yarn should be in the front of your work and when knitting your yarn should be in the back

Hi and welcome!
Remember to bring your yarn to the front to purl or to the back to knit between the needles. If you move the yarn over the needles you’ll create an extra stitch or yarn over as trisha mentioned.

There is a u tube video but i don’t know how to transfer the link to here.

One way to post a link is to copy and paste the URL into the Reply box.

I know how to do it on a normal computer but not on my i pad. You should see how long it takes to post a comment. Thanks i will eventually figure it out.

On the iPad, highlight the URL by touching on it, choose Select All when that choice comes up, then choose Copy. In the KH Reply box, choose paste.

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Thanks I think I got it: