Knit store in Seattle

What are your favorites? Which ones do you dislike?

Going to be in Seattle next week and plan it squeeze in a little shopping time!


Little Knits! Other than Little knits, I don’t really know any of the stores around town because I mostly buy my yarn while I am at school in Bham

I’ve only been to Bad Woman Knits in Wallingford. Nice place, Really nice people, good selection.

I have ordered on line from Spin a Yarn in Edmund. Very nice people and it looks like a well stocked store. I don’t know how close to Seattle that is.

My favorites are:
Weaving Works (University District, 4717 Brooklyn Ave NE)
Acorn Street (north of University Village, 2818 Ne 55th St)
Depending on where you will be this may be a convenient option:
So Much Yarn (downtown, 2302 1st Ave)
Enjoy your visit!

Thanks for all the suggestions. We are staying near downtown (about a mile).

Does Little Knits have a retail store? I have ordered from them in the past. I can’t find any info on their website about a retail location.


Little Knits operates out of a house in West Seattle. You can visit and purchase yarn, but I think only on certain days/times. So give them a call and ask before you trek over there. Enjoy your visit to Seattle!

I went to Little Knits! It was fun, fun, fun! I got 10 skeins of Lana Grossa Superwash Merino in pale pink for $35 and 5 skeins of Noro Cash Iroho in apple green for $25.