Knit stitches don't look like " V " s

Hello. I hope someone will understand what I’m trying to ask. I look at some knitting out there, and the stockinette stitch looks like uniform rows of little (or big) " v "s. I’ve done a few beginner projects, and mine all end up looking like |/|/|/|/|/|/ instead of ///////.

I am pretty sure it has to be about tension, but I don’t know how to fix that issue. It happens to me whether I am kniiting in the round or just regular back and forth.

Any ideas?

Yeah, I’ve seen that too. Only my knitting ends up looking like v’s, but the picture looks like |/|/|/|/|/|/| so strange… I honestly don’t think it matters, as long as you get gauge :thumbsup:

I am thinking that you might actually be twisting your purl stitch. I used to do that and mine sort of looked like that. I would watch Amy’s purling videos and see if you are wrapping your yarn the same way she is. That’s how I found out that I was doing that after MONTHS! :wall:

i know what you mean and i dont know how it gets like that but i like it sorta!!!

It’s probably not you, but the yarn.

What yarn are you using? Singly ply yarns (like Lamb’s Pride and Malabrigo) tend to make the stitch look that way.

Omygosh, I GET IT NOW! :woot: thank you :notworthy:

aah well there ya go. when i was having the issue i was almost only using lambs pride too. makes perfect sense! (One of these days i will actually READ knitty for the articles :teehee:)

Wait a second, Knitty has ARTICLES? when did this happen :lol:

Wait a second, Knitty has ARTICLES? when did this happen :lol:[/quote]

ditto that! :teehee:

I actually love the look, and am tickled when that happens!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve always gotten more out of the articles than the patterns in knitty.

I know what you mean, that happens to my stocking stitch too…and it drives me crazzzzy.

Well, here are two remedies that work for me!

1) Use a tapestry needle to jiggle the odd side of the V into the right conformation. Also, stretch the piece north to south, and then east to west, and the stitches become more uniformly V’s.

2) *Aggressively “block” the finished garment pieces and a lot of the “hinky” stitches get into line. They shape up.

*Aggressive blocking: pin your pieces to a blocking board, making sure to take measurements according to the pattern! Place clean [color=blue]wet!! [/color]towels on top of the pieces and leave til bone dry. I also employ the use of blocking wires for the straightaways.

Another type of blocking involves pinning and steaming. Some aggressive blockers actually [color=blue]wet the garment pieces [/color]and pin into place on the blocking board and leave til bone dry. I can’t bring myself to do that…but would do so if it appeared that I needed to wash the pieces first.

My oh my. Blocking will transform your work from homemade-looking to professional-looking! Never shortchange your knitting in the final stages! Always block before seaming, and use excellent seaming methods. Makes all the difference in the world! A “Finishing Techniques” class is the best investment I ever made!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Bren …

I don’t doubt the value of blocking to even out stitches, but Jeez Louise! To try to “correct” the natural twist of the yarn after it’s been knitted seems like trying to turn a lefty into a righty. If having V’s instead of checks bothered me that much, I think I’d stick to conventionally plied S-twist or cabled Z-twist yarns. I’m happy as long as my stitches are relatively uniform – whether they are V’s or checks is just part of the personality of the yarn, IMO. Why not celebrate it instead of trying to change it? I think it looks kind of neat.

Yeah, I follow your point! Thanks for the input.

It is just me. I try to fix my stocking stitch as reasonably as possible, without too much time spent tweaking it, and I always block anyways.


I used to get upset about that
until i knot two tails for a hat (elongated earflaps that were actually scarf ends attached to a hat)
I made one from one end of the ball of yarn
and the other from the other end (inside and outside of the center pull ball
one flap has VVVV the other has l/l/l/l/l/l/l/l/

and I have to let go and let yarn


It’s just the yarn, as others have said. Single ply yarns tend to do that. It sure freaked me out when I saw it the first time though. But now, I kinda like it!