Knit Stitches and Felting Question

Can anyone tell me why I have to do a stockinette or seed stich in a bag pattern that I am planning to felt. Doesn’t it all felt the same (I am using 2 strands)? It seems like extra work to me? I made a Booga Bag by just knitting in the round and it came out OK but other felting patterns call for more complicted stitches?:think::think:

I have no idea. I tried to do one with a cable stitch and it just came out kinda “humpy” on the twist. All my other bags are done with just plain knit or purl and they all feel the same. Thank goodness, I was encouraged to do a sample swatch first or it could have been a total waste of yarn and time.

In my personal experience it doesn’t seem to make much difference. I think maybe garter comes out a little thicker, but that’s usually a good thing anyway.

Yep, for accenting the top, bottom or gusset edges. I just like knitting felted bags in the round because you get to use a knit stitch most of the time. Mindless! And with two strands it’ll be thick anyway.

I justed felted a bag knit in the round, using seed stitch for the bottom and as accent for the sides. Once felted, it looks just like the stockinette parts. :roll:
Previously I had made an altered Booga Bag (see my avatar) with a garter stitch bottom; it’s going to be my chosen stitch from now on. And I’m only going to use an extremely textured stitch for any accent.

it doesn’t matter the stitches just melt together anyway. and when your knitting in the round it makes stockanett anyway.

Thanks for the replies–I think I will just continue the bag with a knit stitch and go from there!