Knit stitch instead of slipped

This is silly but I can’t figure out how to fix this. The shawl pattern I am working on has slipped stitches when working the WS in order to create vertical rows, with all knitting in between. Sometimes I notice that I accidentally knit that stitch instead of slipping it so I can see the stitch show up on the RS. I have been unraveling rows and reworking them but is there an easier way? I looked for videos but I can only find how to fix a slipped stitch. Thank you for any help!!

Hello. You can fix it after the fact but you may have to deal with the extra yarn that was used to knit the stitch. This may not be noticeable if the shawl is worked on small needles. You would identify the stitch column that needs altering, drop stitches down the column until you get to the wrongly knitted stitch, and then rework the stitches using a crochet hook and the appropriate strand. Ie knitting where indicated, and slipping where indicated. Probably in much the same way that tutorials show how to fix a wrongly slipped stitch after the fact.
You will however have excess yarn at the point where you knitted the stitch that should have been slipped, as the knit process uses more yarn than the slip process. You might be able to work the excess along the row to distribute the yarn and even out the tension, or even take it to the end of the row and hide it in the border. Alternatively, you could drop down the stitch in the neighbouring column after the repair, and then take that excess into a neighbouring stitch by picking up and twisting an extra loop to work together with the next stitch.
Some shawls have exceedingly long rows and I’d much rather repair than pull back!!

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P.s. you didn’t mention the stitch pattern. If it’s in garter stitch, you have to make sure you rework the stitches from the correct side for the pattern, ie alternating sides if you’ve had to drop down quite a few rows! There are photo tutorials on reworking garter stitch. I think maryna 10 rows a day has a lot of useful photo and video tutorials.