Knit sleeves "in-line" or top-down?

Hi! I’m working on the (self-made) pattern from !@#$ and I’m thinking - uh, I have no idea how to make the sleeves so they’ll fit right.

So, what if I joined the sweater body seams, picked up the stitches around the sleeve with a circular needle, or starting with one stitch and “expanded” from there, and away I went? Make the sleeves right on the garment?

Talk me out of it. :lol:

Or what if, apart from the sweater, I made the sleeve from the shoulder cap down to the cuff, instead of the bottup > up. That way the suspense of whether it will fit on the sweater will not last as long.

I thought I remember a post where someone does this.

Any thoughts?



DO IT! If it’s at all possible, I always knit sleeves from the top down. You have no doubt about whether they’ll fit in the armhole, you can make them the right length (you can try it on) and best of all, you decrease all the way down. I hate increasing sleeves. :o

Depending on how many stitches I start out with, I usually decrease one stitch on each side of the center underarm every 4-5 rows.

When you pick up the stitches around, try to knit into a full stitch (both sides of the stitch) to get a firm seam. I’m so happy I saw this post. It gives me a chance to spread joy! :cheering:

I did this for my baby cardigan (the pattern that’s in testing right now :wink: ) and it worked great. Picked up 46 stitches around the armhole and knit down to the cuff. It worked great, though I’m still undecided as to which I dislike more…seaming or small-diameter circular knitting. :??

OK now I’m really encouraged! I want the sleeves to be sort of set-in looking, not drop shoulder, raglan, etc. (by the way – on the body, when I got to the top of the back of the sweater, I’m not binding off – I’m going to keep on going! I’m trying to knit the front top>down, remaining attached to the back. I’m scared! Since the stitch pattern is so difficult, it took forever to graph how to do the front with a v-neck and inc from the armholes, joining the two sides of the V-neck to be the body again :thinking: ) The pattern I’m using for guidance is,

I veered off course when the pattern instructions made armholes that are only 6+" deep (18cm). They looked way too small.

I hope this isn’t too much in-the-weeds, but here’s the details about the armholes for those of you who like working on puzzles:

The armholes “happen” over 47 rows. Starting from the bottom, I decrease 3 st on each side for 2 rows, then decrease 1 stitch on each side for two rows, then knit 44 rows to the top of the shoulder (total=47 rows).

So for the sleeves to fit, do I pick up 42 stitches from each side of the garment (knitting 84 stitches in the round) or all 47 from each side of the body (i.e., adding the decrease rows). Do I put in a few short rows at the top for good measure? Ok, so let’s say I have 94 stitches on my needles…I knit, knit, knit, in the round, decreasing every so often until my sleeves are the lenght I want, with no sleeve seams? Is that how to do it?

Thanks all you knitting gurus!


Up the back and over the top–interesting!

Pick up all the stitches around, including the ones you decreased for the underarm. I don’t think you need any short rows on the top since 94 seems like an ok number. When you get there, I’m sure you’ll be able to judge what you need.

Yes that just knit around and around, getting smaller, and smaller and smaller :happydance:

Thanks Ingrid! I’m psyched! I so look forward to not having to set in sleeves!