Knit Pro: Acryllic Needles Interchangeable Deluxe Set

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey all,
I recently bought this set of needles, acrylic… etc. I have had problems with them shortly after I bought them.

  1. The point of the 4.0mm needle broke.
  2. The point of the other 4.0mm needle broke.
  3. The 4.0mm needle snapped in half.

Anyone else bought this set?
Anyone have opinions on the brand, company, type of needles, or the situation/what to do next?
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KnitPro is the the European version of KnitPicks. I think they are a great company with some good, some so-so products. The Options needle line is where there are problems. Not a lot, but some. The company says they have a tiny percentage of problems, but I’ve never heard of anyone having any issues with any other needle company except cheap bamboo ones. That small percentage is 1000 times what anyone else has. It’s small, but I find it extremely irritating and I wish they’d get their quality-assurance handled better. The State-side KnitPicks is great at replacing whatever goes wrong. You just let them know what broke and they send a free replacement immediately. I don’t know about KnitPro, but they may be just as good and I’d give them a try.

The Options line has 3 different types of needle tips-- Nickel-plated/Nova, Harmony/Symphonie wood, and the Zephyr/Spectra. I actually really like the Nickel-plated ones. The Spectra, which is what you have, are acrylic, and they are just more prone to breakage. Susan Bates Crystal and Ice lines are also acrylic, and also more breakable. Plastic and acrylic just are. There are people who prefer acrylic needles for the feel, and then there are people who get them because they are cheaper. I feel this is a huge mistake. Unless they break, your needles will last you a lifetime, and it’s better to get a good quality for a little more money. In the US, the Options metal tips in the deluxe interchangeable set are $15 more than the acrylic, and then wood ones are $30 more than the acrylic.

You will get a lot of rave opinions on this company on this site-- I’m not one of them. I’ve been knitting for many years and have many family members and friends who have been knitting for many years. No one’s ever had needles break or go wrong, except the Options. As I said, it’s a small percentage, but there’s a huge difference between a little and none.

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imrachel -Thankyou for the swift response. I mainly wanted the interchangeable needle part, the only type of set available was the acrylic needle. Its my first ‘contact’ with acrylic needles. I absolutely adore the feel of knitting with them. I have contacted KnitPicks who have suggested I contact KnitPro. I have contacted KnitPro about two days or so ago, and have not received any response as yet.