Knit-picky question on shaping armholes

I am knitting the Chic Cable Sweater from a pattern I got from Ravelry ( Shape armholes (Large size, with 107 sts): Bind off 6 sts at beginning of next two rows. Continue to bind off at armhole edge 3 sts once, then 2 sts 2 times–85 sts.
If I bind off 2 sts 2 times, I get 81 sts. So do I bind off 2 sts on each side one time, or or 1 st on each side twice, Kind of a knit-picky question, I guess. Lisa

Moving on, I decided to do the latter…one st on each side twice. It seems like how the pattern was meant to be read. Happy to be knitting again!

Your math is off somewhere… 6 sts twice is 12, plus 3 sts once (each side) is 6, plus 2 sts twice is 4 and that adds up to 22. 107-22=85.