Knit Picks yarn: Gloss vs Palette

Hi all,

My mom requested a black shawl (so she can throw it over a dress when she goes out at night) so, pending her approval, I’ll be knitting the Seraphim Shawl (Ravelry). [B][COLOR=“Red”]ETA[/COLOR]: She prefers the Traveling Woman (Ravelry) shawl… so I’ll be knitting that.[/B] She requested something light so I’ll be using a fingering weight yarn. I’m going to buy yarn from Knit Picks for this project… but I can’t decide between Gloss (70% Merino Wool, 30% Silk) and Palette (100% Peruvian Highland Wool). I’d pay $19.95 for 5 hanks of the Gloss and $9.95 for 5 hanks of the Palette. The price difference is not significant enough for me to base my decision solely on the cost of the yarn.

I’ve never knit a shawl before (and definitely nothing so lacy) so I don’t know whether it’s better to go for 100% wool or the wool/silk blend. Will the shawl be affected? Will the shawl block differently based on the yarn content? Am I overthinking it?

If you have used these yarns, what is your preference?


I’ve used palette and while I haven’t used a wool/silk blend, I have used alpaca silk and there’s really no difference in blocking. I’d like to try the Gloss though, the Shimmer was really nice with the silk in it - palette is a little rougher.

I haven’t yet used KP yarn as yet, but I can say I <3 Peruvian highland yarn…I knitted a shawl with it and it was awesome to knit with and I don’t find it scratchy in the least…

I think either yarn will be perfect for Traveling Woman. It’s a great pattern, it’s pretty small but easy to make bigger.

I love the pattern you posted. I have the gloss that I am going to make up into a shawl and it’s just beautiful. Haven’t started it yet so I can’t tell you how it works up but it’s so pretty I think it’s probably going to turn out quite nicely.

I don’t think it would matter…

I have used Palette before…and it is OK…

Because the Gloss is mostly the same, either should work equally well…

I would go with the silk one just on principal. It sounds yummier…

All said and done though…I would go with a super wash, just because it will hold up to the wear longer…and will be more forgiving if it ever hits the washing machine.

Plus, I find their superwash sock yarns SOOOOOOOO much nicer to work with than palette…

Thanks, everyone! I’ve decided to go with the Gloss yarn. Crycket’s mentality of going with the silk one “just on principal” won me over. (I was leaning toward Gloss for the same reason. I now feel I was justified in my reasoning ;))

Thanks again! :smiley:

Hi! :waving:

I definitely would recommend the gloss. I’ve made lots of socks with it and it is SO YUMMY, both to work with and to wear next to skin!

Let us know how the project goes for you!

Ruthie :hug:

Good Choice. I love Gloss. :thumbsup:

Glad to hear that you went with the gloss yarn. I have used them both and the gloss drapes much better. I made a scarf with the gloss and it is wonderful to wear plus keeps me warm too. I know your mom will love the shawl, have you picked a color yet? They are just all so pretty.

She requested a black shawl… so I had to get black. If it were up to me, I’d have picked something more colorful. Oh, well… :slight_smile:

Thanks! Based on what everyone here has said, it definitely seems like I made the right choice.