Knit Picks Sweater Stone

I am thinking about ordering the sweater stone from KP. Do any of you have it? If so, what do you think of it?

I use a regular pumice stone with good results if that’s any help.

I don’t have the stone, but I bought a large sweater shaver from Brookstone, and it works beautifully! They had one on display and I shaved my sweater as I stood there. It was $20, but well worth it.

I know this sounds silly, but my mom had one of those eyebrow/unwanted hair trimmers that they advertise on tv and I use that. It only cost $5 at linens and things and it’s pretty effective

I think it’s one of the maybe few things on their site that’s inexplicably overpriced.
At my dry cleaner I saw the [B]exact[/B] same thing for $2.00. (I know because I bought one from knitpicks for my mum for xmas the week before that.)
Exactly the same!

The owner said it is definitely worth it because it is kinder to delicate yarns than the shavers or the brushes or any of the other things, except maybe the sticky lint rollers, but those only metaphorically work.

!! You might want to check that out before you buy yours!

Thank you for the advice. I’m glad I asked here before ordering. I’m going to shop around for something less pricey.

well, if you go to the link that I just posted, you can get it for free–just pay s&H

Oooh, thank you. I don’t know how I missed that link.:happydance:

Oops:aww: ! I’m just not very observant tonight. According to the fine print, the offer is no longer valid. Thanks anyway.

:aww: oh gosh. sorry! Now I’m the unobservant one