Knit Picks Shine for Tubey?

I just got my Knitpicks email about their summer yarn sales, and I thought about trying Tubey in Shine Worsted, but am worried about how tubey would work with all cotton. What do you Tubey veterans think?


mm I really want to try Tubey. If the ‘weight’ is similar to cashmerino aran or you can get the guage using shine then its worth a go.

I would worry about the cotton being too heavy or stretching too much with wear. :shrug:

Since the body is all in ribbing, I’m not sure I’d use the Shine. I think it might be too easily stretched out because it’s so heavy, like knitqueen said.

If I’m picturing a “tubey” correctly, then no matter how nice the cotton is, I’m afraid it might stretch a little while you’re wearing it, leading you to let people know you a little better than you want them to.

Thanks for the heads-up about the cotton…any suggestions for a non-wool yarn, or a wool that is least likely to cause a problem with someone sensitive to wool? I’m doing a hooded tunic now in Encore (25% wool), and I already know I’ll need to put a silk turtleneck under it because it will bother me otherwise :frowning:

I’ve personally never used them :frowning: but I’ve heard great things about merino wool and alpaca.

Have you tried The Yarn Grove

They have a lot of interesting yarns and you can email them with a question like yours and they will advise you what yarns might work…

What about silk?

mmmmm…silk…mmmmm – great idea Hilde! I guess I never think about silk being something to knit with. You did your Tubey in Merino style, didn’t you? Maybe I’ll make something small in Merino Style and see if it bothers my skin before I try a full size sweater.

Who am I kidding – maybe I should FINISH the sweater I’m working on before I start shopping for the next one!