Knit Picks Panache

Has anyone used Knit Picks Panache?
Is it soft? Is it warm, but not too heavy? Does it pill. Does it hand wash okay. Did you like it??

Yes I have used this yarn to make the Seaman’s Scarf for my college age son. I loved the way the scarf turned out. The scarf is nice and soft but you do need to hand wash, which of course scares me, because like I said my son is a college student. We did just wash it for the first time this Christmas break and the scarf looks just like when I first finished. :cheering:

Thanks Elise- Does your son wear it a lot, is the fiber getting a work out?

I’m considering this for a cardigan and want to know if it will wear well.

My son has worn the scarf quite a bit, he goes to school up in Milwaukee, so I know it is getting a work out with that cold weather! I think it has held up very well, and knowing my son I am sure the scarf has taken a beating. :teehee: I think it would make a nice warm cardigan, maybe even have somewhat of a vintage feel to the cardigan. 8)

Thanks again.
I imagine a college student wouldn’t go out of his way to protect the scarf. Unless he is really unusual and tidy.

Does anyone else have Panache Opinions???

My fo and review of Panache

Thank you Liliyarn. Your review was actually very helpful.
It sounds like all who encounter this yarn like it, But I still wonder about making something bigger than a scarf from it.
I agree with you on the color choices, I think I will order a color card to see if the colors are workable for what I want.

I was curius, if the cardigan/sweater you are knitting is in worsted weigt or bulky. Iam doing a worsted weight - (5.5 sts/inch) one right now and Iam using Knit Picks telemark. It is really nice, although I can’t vouch yet for the washability of it, It does require handwashing but I don’t knit the pill factor of it.

I’m considering the yarn for a cardigan that calls for bulky wt and I don’t want to use the yarn called for, want something a bit softer. I would really like to use DB Cashmerino Chunky- but it’s so expensive for the amount I would need. The Panache sounds nice, but I can’t go to the store to see/feel it!