Knit picks ordering

do I need a code or anything when I order so Amy gets credit for my order

I think you just hafta make sure to click on the ad on the site when you go there. (As opposed to just typing in the address).

Yeah, just click from KH and she gets the credit.

I think there’s also a “where did you hear about us” thingy on the order form; I always put KH.

I’m not sure, but I think the “where did you hear about us” thingy only shows up if you don’t use a link from KH, presumably because they already know where you came from if you do. If there is another banner up when you want to go there, just refresh the page to get a different ad and KP should come up eventually. Don’t forget the coupon code for free shipping if you’re buying less than $40 worth. (Last time I used it was a couple of weeks ago and it was still working.) I can’t remember the exact code, but if you do a search for something like “knitpicks coupon,” you should be able to find the thread. :thumbsup:

I placed an order just a few days ago from here. I hope Amy gets the “credit” too.

I am curious…what does Amy “get”…a percentage of what we spend? She deserves it whatever it is!! :XX: :XX: