Knit Pick's "Memories" yarn vs. KPPPM

About Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino yarn: I’ve looked at the colors and they are SO pretty, but a bit steep price-wise at around $12.00. Then I got to thinking…Knit Picks sells their “Memories” brand yarn which is also 100% merino, same gauge, and both are fingering weight, but Memories has even more yardage than the KPPPM, and it’s only $4.00 a skein. Has anyone knitted with both Koigu and the Memories yarn to be able to say that they are comparable to each other? KPPPM seems to have more coloration to it, but for 1/3 of the price, I think I might be able to sacrifice a little bit by getting the Memories! :wink:

KPPPM is slightly luminous.
KPPPM colors change at quicker intervals.
KPPPM has a visible twisty ply.

Memories is fuzzier, has brighter colors, and less obvious plies.

I’ve knitted with “Geranium”, “Pansy” and “Morning Glory” colorways when they were in the KnitPicks ‘Sock Garden’ line.

I’ll take KPPPM any day over Memories. the price of KPPPM is the only thing that holds me back from buying it on a regular basis.

Thanks, Jodi! This is the exact information I was hoping for. Never having bought the Memories yarn and not having looked at the KPPPM yarn in a very long time, I wasn’t sure how much difference there would be.

you’re welcome :)! good luck with your projects :)!